"A company that contributes to the greater good of the world"
A dream we dream together is reality


Innovating the future with VisionBioCare

The young dream of the future.
The middle-aged focus on the present.
The old reminisce about the past.
When the three generations come together and gather their wisdom, they can “gain new insights through reviewing old things”
— an idiom from the Analects of Confucious.

As a distributor company, VisionBioCare discovers domestic and international manufacturers that use new technologies in bioengineering and healthcare to develop innovative products, and distributes their products in the Korean market.

In the twelve years since the foundation, we have been in strong partnerships with manufacturers in Europe, Japan, as well as Korea, with a focus on mutual growth.
With the spirit of “innovating the future by reviewing old things”, we will continue to work with our current and future partners.

Since the foundation in 2010, we have been specialized in handling biomedical products, such as key materials for dental implant, bone graft, and prosthetic implant abutments.

By providing these products to the frontline consumers of dental clinics and laboratories, we have achieved steady growth over the years

Our CEO had worked at a leading dental company in Korea for over 20 years (1986-2009) before founding VisionBioCare. Based on his extensive experiences in the industry, he maintains close relationships with dentistry professors at major teaching hospitals, heads of large dental clinics, and many other dentists considered to be leaders in the field. We are a direct supplier of dental materials to the prosthetics, endodontics, periodontics, and pediatric dentistry departments of eleven dental teaching hospitals.
We organize educational workshops on our products, and detailed articles on our products are published in key dental journals, attracting much interest from dentists.

With our database of over 4,000 dental clinics and a team who all have 10+ years of experience in the field and share the vision of leading the dental industry, VisionBioCare is striding into the future.
Focusing on the products in the endodontics, periodontics and preventive dentistry, we are continuously expanding our product portfolio. With a strong sales team that consists of six specialists, the company has grown steadily year after year, recording a 30-fold revenue growth compared to the founding year. Thanks to the tireless work of our CEO throughout his 35+ years of career and strong support from the opinion leaders in the industry, we are now considered as a small but solid dental distributor that has a strong presence in the market.
At VisionBioCare, we are going beyond gaining new insights through reviewing old things—we are innovating the future. You are welcome to join us in the journey.

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, Vision BioCare is outrivaling competitors by building trust and maintaining its solid partnerships with over 150 dealers.
We have the capability and network to successfully promote our products and their clinical applications through dentistry journals and social media of influential dentists. In the second half of 2021, respected speakers will present in three important regional conferences their scholastic and clinical research results featuring our products.

Our steady growth even during the unprecedented pandemic is attributable to the expertise accumulated over 35 years, strong trust we have built with the dental industry and our customers, and our unwavering dedication.
With the conviction that protecting oral health is fundamental to overall health, and in the spirit of “gaining new insights through reviewing old things,” we have been tirelessly visiting local and international conferences and exhibitions, keeping ourselves informed about the newest knowledge in the dental industry, and sourcing new, innovative products.
By continuously learning new technologies and products we have been able to earn the trust of the industry. The single-minded dedication to protecting the oral health of the general public has always guided the company—from its early challenging days as a one-person company to the steady growth through recruiting sales specialists.

A strong commitment to innovation, combined with trust and dedication, will lead to a great leap forward. We have never lost our focus on the important mission of oral care as a key element in protecting overall health. With this unwavering dedication and the trust we have earned in the industry, we will continue to make strides and achieve innovation. We look beyond the current pandemic and prepare for the post-pandemic world. We continue to innovate with the aim of helping people protect their health. And we look forward to becoming a partner with you—join us in our journey.

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